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A holistic way to improving your baby's health with Massage
Learn how to help your baby with massage technqiues you can use to transform your baby to be happy and calm.

I have been working in the holistic world of natural therapies for some years now and I have grown to love how massage can not only relax the body but can also have some health benefits which can help the body heal. Baby massage has a number of benefits such as relief from the problems of teething, colic and reflux which every parent dreads, sleeping problems can also be eased with starting a massage regime for your baby. Research has also been carried out which states that baby massage can help with parents, it can help with the bonding with the baby, touch is very therapeutic so it can elievate anxiety and help reduce stress in the parents. Baby massage can be carried out from birth and there is no age limit, as the baby grows parents tend to modify the massage to suit their childs needs.


Being a Mother of two, I know the impact of having a newborn baby can make on your life. Life could have been much more easier and less stressful if I had learnt the techniques used in baby massage, when my children where young. I became a instructor in infant massage so that I can help parents feel more comfortable with the new baby and enable them to have a deeper bond with their infant which will grow as they grow older. 


Please contact me if you would like to learn more

Redland Bay
Tel: 0432364084

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